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Fortechs Forensics is proud to announce the release of the worlds’ first true mobile forensic hyperspectral analysis system.

Fortechs Forensics offers innovative techniques for forensic investigations. We are a spin-off company from the department of Biomedical Engineering and Physics at the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam.

We offer a technique for non-destructive detection, identification and age estimation of blood stains based on spectral imaging. We offer a ready-to-use combination of a state of the art hyperspectral Camera, two light sources, three tripods and a laptop with the processing software installed.  

Hyperspectral imaging combines digital imaging with chemical analysis. The technique collects reflection spectra of all objects and traces in the field of view of the camera and uses these signals to calculate the chemical composition of them. This allows to localize and chemically identify the traces. Furthermore, the degradation of biological traces causes changes in composition which can be used to obtain information about the time of deposition. 


Fortechs was closely involved in the development of the unique mobile stand-alone hyperspectral camera which was officially released on November 30, 2017.  The camera is small, easy to use and contains ready-to-use analysis software onboard the camera, thereby providing results to the user, directly at the crime scene. This may help to localize specific traces easier and will give an indication of the found substance. 


Whenever blood is measured, the data can be further analysed using the Fortechs software which will decompose the signals into relative amounts of hemoglobin, Met-hemoglobin and Hemichrome. By comparing these amounts with the Fortechs database, we can estimate the (relative) time since deposition of the stains.  

Forensic package

The forensic package includes the camera, tripod and two light sources, a laptop with the software readily installed and User training on site, covering all relevant aspects for using the technique optimally in a forensic relevant environment.

The user training involves: 

  • operating the camera

  • creating of correct illumination conditions 

  • analysis using pre-defined spectral analysis algorithms on the camera,

  • customizing the analysis algorithms

  • use of the Fortechs blood analysis program


fortechs medical

Hyperspectral imaging is currently being applied for many applications in medicine. The technique showed its clinical value in dermatology, for skin oxygenation mapping, in ophthalmology for retinal oximetry and in oncology for early tumor detection. In close collaboration with the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam, Fortechs Medical is working on spectral signal processing for diagnostic applications in neurosurgery and dermatology.

fortechs art

Hyperspectral imaging has great potential for investigating works of art for scientific, historical or restoration purposes. The technique is able to remotely analyze pigments, reveal underdrawings or previous restorations and, using fluorescence spectroscopy, the varnish layers. Although the added value of spectral imaging in art science was proven, the introduction was hampered by the extremely high price of hyperspectral cameras and the complex data processing. By combining a state of the art hyperspectral camera with dedicated processing software, Fortechs Art puts the technique within reach of many art professionals.


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